Authentic Martial Arts for Teens in Delaware

The teenage years can be challenging for both teens and their parents. These are the years where young adults are trying to figure out their place in the world. They’re experiencing social pressures, balancing the stress of school with their desire for independence, and finding out how to cope with the issues that life throws their way.

Channeling that energy into something productive is one of the best ways to help make sure that your teen continues to grow into a responsible adult. That is why many parents choose our Delaware, OH teen martial arts programs at Ruffing Martial Arts, where we offer several classes that are specifically designed for developing teens.

Picture of a Delaware, OH teen martial arts student performing double jump front V kick and 2 other students standing on chairs holding the pads that are being kicked

Why Enroll Your Teen in Martial Arts?

Martial arts is a fun and interesting way to engage your teen in an activity that is both physically healthy, and teaches your child valuable life lessons that they can use outside of the classroom. There are many benefits to placing your teen in a martial arts class, including:

  • Control and Discipline – Martial arts teaches teens how to control their emotions, listen to authority, and remain focused and calm in difficult settings.
  • Challenging and Fulfilling – Martial arts is also a fun experience that boosts your teen’s self esteem through interesting activities (such as weapons training), rewards (such as belts), and providing them with an activity that teaches them about their own strength.
  • Stress Coping – Martial arts, especially in our after school programs, helps your child learn to cope with stresses in a way that is productive, and work out much of the energy created at school and in their social life.

In addition, martial arts teaches important life skills, including self-defense. And it lets teens interact with other teens that are also interested in learning the same skills. Combine those benefits with health and fitness benefits of martial arts and it’s clear that it is an exercise that has benefits that extend well beyond the classroom.

Ruffing Martial Arts is a Delaware, Ohio based martial arts studio that also has an after school program complete with pickup from your child’s school. With great teachers, excellent support, and affordable class rates, our martial arts academy is a great choice for your teenage child. If you’d like to learn more, click here or call us today at (740) 833-6723.

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