Our Students

At Ruffing Martial Arts, the quality of our martial arts shows in the performance of our students.

Mu Sool Tang Soo Do is not Tang Soo Do combined with Hapkido or Hwa Rang Do. It is a traditional comprehensive martial arts system that is derived from the rich and varied martial arts techniques that have arisen in Korea through the ages.

Our Black Sashes


Our Demonstrations

We perform demonstrations throughout the year at many venues. The Delaware County Fair, The Ohio Machine, 4th of July Parade, Delaware City Schools, Olentangy Schools, Buckeye Valley Schools, St. Mary’s Festival, and The Rave Movie Theater. We are the most active martial arts school in Central Ohio.

We perform demos because it helps our students perform under stress and pressure, which in turn makes them good martial artists. It helps them improve the techniques and especially their confidence. We have seen that students who perform in demonstrations regularly improve greatly as martial artists.


Tournaments We Attend

Our students have competed in many different tournaments throughout Ohio, mainly in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  One of the most recent was the Arnold Martial Arts Tournament. In the videos below Emery is performing his break routine and form in which he won 1st place in both divisions. I believe what makes our school unique is that we can compete with any style out there. Many of the tournaments we attend are held by Tae Kwon Do or Karate schools and we can compete with either quite well. Our students know what other schools and styles look like and have a get even better at martial arts through friendly competition. However we are not just a tournament school, we are a traditional martial arts school that will compete against all styles. We can meet and learn from other martial arts and our students gain an appreciation for our style and our school, when compared with others.

List of Tournaments we have attended

Arnold Martial Arts Championship (Karate) Columbus, Ohio

Anthony Price All Star Karate Nationals (Karate) Cincinnati, Ohio

American Warrior Traditional Martial Arts Tournament (Taekwondo-Karate) Cleveland, Ohio

Hwang’s U.S. Martial Arts Championship (Taekwondo) Louisville, Kentucky

Southern Ohio Fall Invitational (Taekwondo) Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Traditional Martial Arts Tournament (Traditional Korean Kuk Sul Do and Mu Sool Tang Soo Do) Columbus, Ohio